7 Behaviors That Probably Annoy Everyone Around You

Biting Your Nails

Many individuals bite their nails, but it's bad. Your nails are twice as unclean as your fingers, making it unsanitary and annoying. Nail chewers look anxious and its sound and sight are repulsive.

Putting Your Phone On Speaker

Speaking on the phone in public is acceptable, but speakerphone users receive ugly glances. Involving others in your discourse is rude and unnecessary. Make sure you're alone before using the speakerphone.

Smacking Your Lips

You may not know it, but smacking your lips while eating and drinking is annoying. Misophonia, a strong sensitivity to such noises, may make life uncomfortable for others, according to Medical News Today.

Interrupting Them

Do interruptions annoy you? Probably, so watch how you talk to others you may be guilty too. You may not interrupt on purpose, but it's still annoying. Interrupting others will stop them from talking.

Cracking Your Knuckles

Knuckle cracking is another behavior individuals don't understand enrages others. Working through each knuckle is noisy and annoying. Some find it impolite in public, particularly in professional contexts like business meetings.


While loud talkers might be overbearing, try not to do the reverse. People have trouble understanding mumbled speech. If people keep asking for explanation and don't understand, they'll doubt your confidence and communication abilities.

Wearing Overpowering Scents

Even nice aromas may trigger headaches, so avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne. You may believe applying perfumes is a sign of excellent hygiene, but too much is as bothersome as terrible body odor.