7 Best Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs for Ultimate Relaxation

Double Swing Stand Egg Chair

Imagine lounging on this stylish chair with your favorite drink! Headrest and seat cushions are plush. There's even room for sharing.

Whetzel Porch Swing

A beautiful, durable basket form and velvety cushions make reclining even more enjoyable! You may also get it in fun stripes.

Swing Egg Chair

This hammock-inspired egg chair gives you the best of both worlds! The ergonomically curved mid-back supports your whole body. Look at that chic canopy top!

Hanging Swing Egg Chair

Its finest feature? With its attractive form, it folds closed in one motion for easy storage in the winter. A secure lock keeps everything in place while hanging.

Brafab Wicker Rattan Hammock Egg Swing

There's no use in spending a lot on rain-prone furniture. This durable choice is inexpensive. Move it inside for bonus points.

Modway Encase Swing Chair

This one's brilliant peridot cushions will stand out on your doorstep. Other bright colors and natural choices are available. All have that perfect weave.

Two Person Egg Swing Chair

Take a seat in this egg chair designed for two and relax with the people you care about. Both of you will be able to sit comfortably thanks to the substantial cushion.