7 Hair Hacks Stylist Recommend Skipping

It appears counterintuitive. Many swear by this strategy to maintain hair silky and prevent wash drying. This may sound innocuous, but licensed hairdresser Rachel Swire of Salon Cabelo says it doesn't protect hair.

Using Conditioner Before Shampoo

Deep treating your hair overnight sounds like a treat. It's tempting to let those nutrients soak in while you sleep. On the other hand, Swire warns against this. "The conditioner does its job after 20 to 30 minutes.

Sleeping in Conditioner

Teasing flat hair has been done for decades to add volume. Many have attempted this approach for more volume, but Swire cautions of the risks. "[Teasing] may cause harm if done regularly or improperly.

Teasing Hair for Volume

We've all seen models' effortless top knots off the runway. According to Chicago hairdresser Megan Schnell, this style may cost. Traction alopecia may result from tight ponies and model-off-duty buns. Middle hair may weaken.

"Model Off-Duty" Buns

While this hack may seem harmless, Schnell believes otherwise. "Sleeping with wet hair might promote fungal and bacterial growth, leading to potential scalp issues and breakage," she warns.

Letting Hair Air Dry Overnight

Heir Salon & Heir Education owner Natalie Crank cautions against DIY cuts after seeing her share of haircut mishaps. Unlike TikTok, "there is no 'one size fits all' haircut," says Crank. She thinks professionally trained hairdressers.

DIY Haircuts

It sounds fascinating, but Crank doesn't like it. Put styling cream on your hair, dip it in water, then scrunch to bring out the waves and curls. "This method is not only cumbersome, but it can also strain your back and waste product.

The Bowl Method for Wavy/Curly Hair