7 Makeup Mistakes That Could Make Women Look Older

Not Using Primer

Primer isn t a new product, but the hype around it is hard to miss these days. No longer considered a fringe makeup product or one only used by professional makeup artists, the secret is out about how primer can blur pores

Applying Too Much Foundation

Too much of anything is rarely the best thing, especially when it comes to makeup like foundation. The purpose of foundation is to simply create an even base that conceals discoloration

Not Blending Well

Blending your foundation, concealer, blush, and eyeshadow is key to ensuring you don t leave harsh lines on your face that can age you. Whether you opt to blend with a damp makeup sponge, makeup brushes

Dark Eyeshadow

As we age, our eyes can take on a more hooded appearance in which the upper lid appears puffier and can conceal the lower lid. This, of course, makes eyeshadow application a bit more complicated

Neglecting Brows

These days it seems like everyone s brow game is strong. But following trends isn t the point it s far more important to fill in sparse brows just enough to create a frame for your face.

Applying Dark Eyeliner

Applying black or brown eyeliner to your bottom waterline can instantly close up your eyes and make them look smaller. It can even draw attention to dark circles and other discoloration around your eyes

Wearing Lipstick That's Too Dark

A too-dark lipstick can create an unflattering contrast if your skin tone doesn't complement it. It can also highlight llittle fine lines and wrinkles you may have around your lips (that are common and normal)