8 Homemade Cat Food Recipes Your Feline Friend Will Love

Low-fat sauté beef. Grate the carrots and put all the ingredients (include canola oil) in a bowl.

Beef and Carrots

Simply combine the turkey breast and veggies after roasting and boiling. Divide by the daily portions your cat gets.

Turkey and Squash

My cat enjoyed this easy recipe. Cut lamb chops into little chunks after broiling. Weigh and boil egg white. Boil, drain, and slice asparagus finely.

Lamb and Asparagus

This cat food recipe uses superfoods including kale, cranberries, and turmeric. Grains and high carbs are excluded.

Chicken Recipe for Cats

Our favorite homemade cat food is chicken-based. Our favorite part of this dish is the nutrient profile, kilocalorie count, and feeding instructions!

Cooked Chicken Meal

Simple to make. Eggshell for calcium and crushed flax seed for fiber. Shows how to make, enhance, and serve this tasty cat chow.

Tasty Homemade Cat Food Recipe

Use clams, eggs, cottage cheese, gelatin, kelp, calcium, and nutritional yeast to make tasty cat food. My cat enjoyed it even though I didn't cook it long enough to create patties.

Natural Diet for Cats

We appreciate how easy this meal is to make and uses only natural ingredients like chicken legs, hearts, and livers for protein and less than 10% steamed veggies for fiber.

Homecooked Cat Food Recipe