9 Different Types of Sunflowers to Plant in Your Garden

Mammoth Sunflower

Mammoth sunflowers, which grow up to 12 feet tall with 10-inch blossoms, are called after the ancient wooly mammal. Due to its massive size and easy growth, this sunflower is one of the most famous.

Ring of Fire Sunflower

Ring of Fire sunflowers are one of the most unusual and eye-catching flowers on our list. This stunning sunflower is great for cutting because to its long bloom stalks and 4 or 5 foot height.

Teddy Bear Sunflower

No surprise this sunflower is called 'Teddy Bear' with its puffy petals! The velvety golden flowers grow to two feet tall and are great for front borders or containers.

Maximilian Perennial Sunflower

Maximilian is perennial in zones 3 9 and returns from its roots year after year, unlike many of these sunflowers. Showy sunflowers have several tiny blooms on each stalk.

Soraya Sunflower

Its huge golden-orange flowers with chocolate-brown centers make this sunflower stand out. Soraya sunflowers were the first to win the All-America Selections award for home garden performance.

Tithonia Fiesta del Sol

Both heat and humidity are ideal conditions for this vivid orange Mexican sunflower. Its petite blooms, which range in width from two to three inches, produce good cut flowers.


In addition to having a subtle chocolate aroma, this attractive sunflower with stunning coloration may grow to be anywhere between 15 and 30 inches tall. What a delightful plant!

Starburst Greenburst

The height of this attractive sunflower ranges from 12 to 24 inches, and its petals are a gorgeous golden color with green cores below. It is an excellent bloom for cutting.

Procut Red

This particular red sunflower is among the most beautiful that you can cultivate. At around fifty to sixty days, it blooms, which is a little sooner than other sunflowers.