9 Vintage Hairstyles You Want To Try Immediately

Blunt Bangs

Bettie Page, the first pin-up girl, nailed 1950s blunt bangs. Short, harsh bangs and jet-black hair defined Bettie Page.

Braided Bun

This exquisite, sleek 1940s-inspired hairdo gives the modern bun a retro touch. Put your hair in a high ponytail and bind it with an elastic band or scrunchie.

Undone Bob

The undone bob was a 1950s staple. A voluminous, wavy bob with bounce was Marilyn Monroe's defining appearance.

Finger Waves

Finger waves were popular in the 1920s and 30s and linked with flappers. This slicked-back hairstyle requires gel to keep your hair in place.

The Bouffant

Take this bombshell hairdo large or home. Brigitte Bardot, a 50s and 60s style icon, had this hairstyle with disordered curls and plenty of crown volume.

Classic Waves

Classic waves are excellent for longer hair and are classy and sensuous. Long, delicious waves have long been fashionable, and Jessica Rabbit handles them best.

French Braids

This 1940s French braid hairdo takes you back. French braids with volume in the front and curls at the bottom were Hedy Lamarr's signature look.

Rag Curls

Rag curls are the first heatless curls that swept social media. Your grandma may have slept with a washcloth or rags in her hair to wake up with gorgeous curls.

The Beehive

You want a statement hairstyle? Try the Beehive. Amy Winehouse is known for her beehive haircut. Audrey Hepburn styled the Beehive softly.