9 Ways to Tell if Someone Genuinely Cares About You

Seeing someone purchase you your favorite meal or take other tiny steps to make you feel and look your best is one easy method to determine if they really care for you. 

They Show Affection in Small Ways

When you need time to yourself, they are really encouraging and don't take offense at your need for space. Someone in your life sounds like this. In that case, you have discovered a gem.

They Respect Your Need for Space

There are many ways to convey love as an activity. If someone attempts your favorite hobbies, spends quality time with you, or celebrates the holidays with you, for instance, you could feel appreciated. 

They Show Love Through Actions

It might be difficult to understand and forgive other people at times, so another indication that someone truly cares is if they are prepared to overlook your errors and miscommunications and remain encouraging even after conflicts or fights. 

They Forgive and Understand

There is no better indication that someone in your life cares about you than learning that they have maintained and safeguarded your reputation even while you were away.

They Defend You in Your Absence

Keeping that in mind, those who try to remember important dates and occasions in your life have to be somewhat close. 

They Remember Important Dates

Even if a relationship ends, you may tell someone really cares about you if they are prepared to provide answers and explanations when things are difficult.

They Provide Closure if Needed

Someone most certainly cares for you if they feel at ease being honest and vulnerable with you. Take that as a compliment; being honest and open with somebody you don't really trust is difficult. 

They Are Authentic Around You

One may tell how much someone cares about you if they support your goals and desires. As Elite Daily put it, "Everyone deserves to be in a strong relationship with someone who supports their goals.

They Support Your Goals