Bachelor Joey Graziadei Wishes He Met Kelsey Anderson at a Bar

Joey Graziadei expressed a preference for having met his fiancée Kelsey Anderson in a bar rather than on reality TV, calling it a "more ideal situation" on the June 10 episode.

Graziadei and Anderson are grateful for the opportunity, acknowledging they would not have met otherwise.

Anderson's father, Mark, shared a similar sentiment, expressing happiness that they met through the show and noting they likely wouldn't have met otherwise.

Graziadei, 28, admitted that he had initial doubts about joining The Bachelor due to the low success rate of couples from the show.

Over time, Graziadei's perspective changed, and he now feels lucky and has no regrets about his decision to join the show.

Anderson, 26, calculated her chances of getting engaged to Graziadei throughout the show, acknowledging the slim odds.

The couple plans to move to New York City together by the end of the year and have taken a step back from their previous careers to explore new opportunities.

Graziadei and Anderson aim to maintain their authenticity while acknowledging the opportunities and public interest generated from their appearance on The Bachelor.