The One Clue Viewers Spotted in Myka and James Stauffers' Vlogs Confirming Their Adopted Son Huxley Was Gone

Myka and James Stauffer's fans noticed their adopted son Huxley was missing from their YouTube videos before the couple announced their decision to re-home him.

Huxley, diagnosed with autism, was adopted from China and had been featured in the Stauffers' vlogs for over two years.

The most significant clue about Huxley's absence was seen on James' YouTube channel, Stauffer Garage, where followers observed that Huxley's car seat was missing from the backseat in April 2020.

Viewers also noticed that comments about Huxley's absence were being deleted and videos featuring him were changed from public to private.

In a confessional video, the Stauffers revealed they decided to place Huxley with a new family better equipped to cater to his special needs.

The Stauffers' lawyers stated the decision was made based on the advice of multiple medical professionals to ensure the best care for Huxley.

Following the backlash, Myka deleted her personal YouTube channel and family channel, The Stauffer Life, and posted a final statement on Instagram in June 2020.

The Stauffers and Huxley's new family have not responded to requests for comment from PEOPLE, but the Stauffers' lawyers emphasized that the decision did not involve the foster system.