What 5 Famous Men Look Like Without Their Mustache

Milo Ventimiglia - With

Sporting a mustache, Milo Ventimiglia perfectly embodies his beloved character Jack Pearson from This Is Us.

Milo Ventimiglia - Without

Clean-shaven, Milo Ventimiglia is ready to step back into the role of Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls once again.

Paul Rudd - With

Paul Rudd grew a striking handlebar mustache for his 2018 Netflix movie, Mute, giving him a distinctive look.

Paul Rudd - Without

Without facial hair, Paul Rudd looks just like the Mike we know and love from Friends, along with his countless comedy classics like I Love You, Man.

Zac Efron - With

A rarely seen mustached Zac Efron looks like he stepped right out of an old Hollywood film, showcasing a different side of his versatility.

Zac Efron - Without

The haircut might not fit the role, but a clean-shaven Zac Efron still channels Troy Bolton vibes from High School Musical.

Donald Glover - With

While he sports a bit of extra stubble, it's Donald Glover's mustache that truly steals the spotlight in this look.

Donald Glover - Without

Without the mustache, Donald Glover looks like he's taken a nostalgic trip back to his days on the show Community.

Sebastian Stan - With

Sebastian Stan, the Captain America star, looks almost unrecognizable with a mustache in the movie I, Tonya.

Sebastian Stan - Without

Clean-shaven, Sebastian Stan looks ready to cause trouble again, reminiscent of his days on Gossip Girl.